How, and why we rock

You know, we started this brand because we were unhappy with other panties. Simple as that. (Ok, it’s a lot of fun, too.) But we had to bring something different to the table and I think we are.

Here are a few choice facts that separate us from the panty pack:

  • We use 3 different unique laces designed to make the perfect panty – comfortable, stretchable and love handles-free!
  • Our panties are washable at 40°C (even at 60°C, but we don’t recommend it) compared to our competitors that are hand wash only, cold (which doesn’t clean a thing, btw).
  • Produced at an excellent, fully-certified manufacturing facility in Turkey, where the lace is done for us upon request. They’re brilliant, and we visit them frequently.
  • Our panties are super soft, and nice fitting; they work for all occasions (like at the gym, cage-fighting or even singing in a church choir). Oh yeah, they’re also sexy as hell.
  • Lace Laboratory is owned and run by women, for women. We want to build an inspiring community with a positive, pro-women agenda. It’s needed now more than ever.