Lace Laboratory was established January 2019, in Stockholm, after a night where one of the founders, Faye, explained to her boyfriend what part of her wardrobe she was never fully satisfied with – her underwear drawer. Her lingerie was either too old, too uncomfortable or simply too expensive to wear casually.

For ages, she just didn't feel well-dressed or content with what she was wearing below, and the rare times that she did were generally on "special occasions”. 

Ultimately, it came down to nice, comfortable, high-quality lingerie being a luxury. 

And so, Faye asked a simple question: “why should you have to compromise on quality, design or price to feel comfortable, stylish or well-dressed in your lingerie, when panties are a key part of every woman's daily wardrobe?”.

Together with her co-founder Felicia, Faye set out to create the world’s best panties — and this marked the start of our journey with Lace Laboratory.

Lace Laboratory intimates are like a silent mantra. Each morning they tell you that you deserve the best, and you are able to give it to yourself. Throughout the day, they remind you that you call the shots and are the mistress of your destiny. 

You might question whether intimates hold this kind of power. They do when they feel like a comfortable second skin and are thoughtfully constructed to enhance every shape. It’s so you can begin each day on a high that we started Lace Laboratory in 2018. We want every woman to feel in control and like the very best version of herself. 

But we don’t have all the answers. By involving you in product development, we can continue to fill the gaps in your current lingerie collection. Together, we will build a world of lace intimates that fit like a dream and inspire an everyday surge of confidence and empowerment. 

We look forward to pursuing this journey of self-discovery with you.

Faye & Felicia

Lace Laboratory co-founders

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